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A-Drain Unblocking Service:

A Blocked drain or toilet can be cleared with the use of drain rods or more serious blockages may require High Pressure Water Jetting. Internal sink/washing machine outlet pipes can also block, normally due to grease from washing up and/or washing powder deposits.

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A-Drain Cleaning Service:

Blockages can occur for a number of reasons. Broken or displaced Pipes can cause blockages. Grease and fat deposits can seriously reduce the internal diameter of your drains. Roots can grow into drains from trees and shrubs. These can break clay pipes causing blockages.


A-Drain CCTV Survey Service:

Using special drain cameras to survey the inside of drains, we can determine the problem and its location. This will enable us to provide an accurate diagnosis and a cost effective solution to resolve your problem.


A-Drain Repair Service:

Broken drains can be repaired using drain lining techniques which require no excavation. The lining process involves the insertion of a flexible felt tube, impregnated with a resin. This is inserted and expanded to hug the inside of the drain. Once the resin has cured you have a solid sleeve bridging the damaged area. Liners will also prevent roots growing back into drains. Badly broken drains may not be repairable with liners. This would require excavating the broken section of drain and replacing it with a new section.

Decking, patio and driveway cleaning service:

Patios, driveways and decking can become very dirty and slippery. Algae grows on the surface which is not only unsightly but can be dangerous causing a slip hazard when wet. This can be rectified easily with high pressure water jetting to remove the algae and leave a clean surface. Garden walls and patio furniture can also be cleaned. See pictures Below and in the photo gallery.


Patio Before Cleaning

As you can see from the photo, this patio is dirty. This patio can look almost new again ready for the barbeque and garden party season.

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Patio After Cleaning

As you can see the pation is restored to it's former glory and ready for the entertainment to begin. We can also clean gardnen furniture to remove that winter grime.